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About Me
I began my Tai Chi journey in 1988 after many years of strenuous exercise (football and various martial arts) had taken their toll on my knees. My left knee in particular was affected and I was put on a waiting list for surgery to alleviate the problem. I was told that this surgery could lead to problems later in life such as arthritis or rheumatism. This didn’t seem a very good road to travel but fortunately, whilst waiting for the surgery, I came across an article on Tai Chi that sparked my interest and soon after I found my first Tai Chi teacher in Master Chu King Hung in London. From him I learned traditional Yang long form and Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung.
After Master Chu’s school closed I continued to train with one of his senior instructors for several years before moving to train with Master John Ding at his International Academy of Tai Chi Chuan in South Woodford, London.  I qualified as an instructor at the Academy in 2000 and helped out at classes there until 2002 when I moved to North Essex and opened a full-time studio in Wivenhoe, Essex.
The Studio is now based on Hall Farm and Business Centre, Church Road, Little Bentley.
Over recent years my area of interest has expanded to include other forms of Chi Kung and I am a qualified instructor with the Elemental College of Chi Kung in London. Elemental Chi Kung uses the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (earth/metal/ water/wood and fire) to balance the energy systems of the body.  I find that in many ways, it opens up whole new avenues in energy training and I am now introducing separate classes in Elemental Chi Kung at the studio. I enjoy teaching both Tai Chi (especially the martial art aspects of this discipline) and Elemental Chi Kung which is very much concerned with natural rhythms and cycles, and which offers scope for a practice tailored more to the individual.
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