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Find The Balanced Path - At The Tai Chi Studio
5 Element Chi Kung Workshop 
Saturday April 13th
£35 (£30 if booked and paid before 1st April)
This workshop is an ideal opportunity to see how this unique form of exercise can improve your general health and fitness and much more!

4 Week Introduction to Tai Chi and 5 Element Chi Kung
Starts Monday 6th and Thursday May 9th

A perfect introduction for the total beginner to see how these unique forms of exercise can improve health and fitness. 5 Element Chi Kung works on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine opening the body to allow internal energy to flow freely. You will also learn the first moves of a short Yang form and their self defence applications.

4 Week Introduction to 5 Element Chi Kung
Starts Tuesday 7th May
1930-2100 (Cost £40)
5 Element Chi Kung is a unique exercise to connect you with your internal energy through static and moving exercises and meditations - Absolutely no experience necessary but would be particularly beneficial to those who find it difficult to remember long forms (i.e Tai Chi). 

4 Week course on using Tai Chi in Self Defence - excellent for those who have practised Tai Chi before but would like to know more about its Martial applications. Course will include Chi Kung, learning a short Yang form (learning its fighting techniques) and also some relaxation, breathing and meditation exercises 
Starting Wednesday May 8th 1930-2100 £40

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