Find The Balanced Path - Workshops/New Classes
Find The Balanced Path - At The Tai Chi Studio
5 Element Chi Kung Workshop 
Saturday October 13th
This workshop is an ideal opportunity to see how this unique form of exercise can improve your general health and fitness and much more!

Senior 4 Week Beginner Tai Chi Class
Starts Monday October 8th 
This is perfect for the older person (or younger) who has trouble with balance/posture or breathing or recovering from illness or minor surgery

4 Week Beginner Tai Chi/Chi Kung Class
Starts Monday October 8th
This class is excellent for the total beginner or those wishing to delve deeper into the principles and concepts of Tai Chi and 5 Element Chi Kung

4 Week Introduction 5 Element Chi Kung Class
Starts Tuesday and Wednesday 
2nd and 3rd October respectively
Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese form of exercise that promotes the flow of Chi (vital energy) through the body. 5 Element Chi Kung works on the principles and philosophy of Tradition Chinese Medicine combining breathing techniques and slow moving and static exercises and meditations  (similar to Tai Chi) to open up the joints and meridians of the body to balance mind, body and spirit.
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