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Find The Balanced Path - At The Tai Chi Studio

 5 Element Chi Kung Introduction/Beginner workshop 
Saturday 21st March 2020
Cost £30

This is an excellent opportunity to discover how this unique exercise can benefit your overall health and fitness and much more.
During the workshop you will practice a set of opening exercises to open and relax joints and muscles of the body to allow greater energy flow and learn the basic principles and concepts of the 5 elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire using static and moving exercises/meditations.

4 Week Beginner Chi Kung Class
Tuesday Evening 10th March 2020
1930-2100 Cost £40

A four week course to introduce you to 5 Element Chi Kung - a unique exercise that uses static and moving exercises/meditations to improve energy flow - body awareness - posture - breathing and much more.

4 Week Beginner Chi Kung Classes
Begins Friday Afternoon 6th March
Cost £40
This class is ideal for the over 60 group although not entirely necessary!!!

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