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Find The Balanced Path - At The Tai Chi Studio

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Morning 'Drop In' sessions

Especially for those who cannot commit to regular classes through shift work or other reasons.1030-1200 £10

5 Element Chi Kung Workshop
Saturday August 11th 1030-1.30
£30 (£25 Early Bird booking before 1st August.

This workshop is the perfect introduction for the total beginner to 5 Element Chi Kung.

The element we will be working with mostly will be Fire and looking at the Crane form and the extremes of fire and water using Crane and Bear exercises. we will also be looking at aligning the three dan tiens (three treasures) 

An ideal opportunity to learn the basic principles and Concepts of these arts and how they can improve your health and fitness and much more.

Four Week Tai Chi/Chi Kung Beginner Class
Monday Morning 3rd September 
Cost £40

This class is ideal for the older person or anyone who may have restrictive movement or problems with balance and posture.
The course includes breathing and relaxation exercises and beginner a short Yang form.
Total beginners will benefit greatly from this class.

Four Week Tai Chi/Chi Kung class
Beginner Monday or Thursday Evenings
September 3rd/6th
7.30-9.00pm Cost £40

This class is primarily aimed at those who may have some previous knowledge of Tai Chi/Chi Kung - if you are a total beginner it is advised that you first take a 5 Element Chi Kung course first to understand the basic principle and concepts of internal energy although not essential.

Four Week Beginner 5 Element Chi Kung Class
Begins Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 7.30-9.00pm
September 4th/5th
Cost £40

This is an ideal opportunity for the total beginner to explore the benefits that this exercise system can bring to health and fitness.
5 Element Chi Kung is based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the connection between the elements, seasons, organs and emotions of the body.

To book your place or for more information contact Dave either on mobile 07734982438 (please leave message and I will get back to you) or use the 'contact the studio/sign up'  page on this website.

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