Find The Balanced Path - Yang Style Tai Chi
Find The Balanced Path - At The Tai Chi Studio

Tai Chi at the Studio
Tai Chi is one of the internal martial arts of China and, although it can be used very effectively in self defence, it is also a very successful way to bring balance, calmness and awareness into your life
Regular practice of Tai Chi can:-
  • Improve posture, flexibility and balance.
  • Increase body awareness.
  • Strengthen bones, joints and tendons.
  • Help alleviate stress and regulate blood pressure.
  • Encourage sleep, relaxation and correct breathing.
At the studio we begin with a few basic relaxation and breathing exercises while learning a short Yang style form. 
For those who wish to progress further we go on to learn the long Yang form incorporating the Yin Yang and spiralling aspects of the art. We also teach Push Hands, Da Lu and Sword forms as well as the static form of Chi Kung known as Zhan Zhuang.
The martial aspects of the art are also taught to the more advanced students.
Tai Chi is a never ending journey and I always encourage my students to take their time and not rush their journey. It is said that those who travel the fastest miss the most scenery!!!
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