The balanced path - what is it?
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The balanced path - what is it?

Yin/Yang and the Balanced Path.
A question I am frequently asked is ‘Why the balanced path and what is it?’
When looking for the balanced path we are looking for that perfect place between the softness of Yin and the hardness of Yang – I am being very general here, trying not to be too complicated. If a person is too soft/yin they can come across as very wishy washy or ungrounded. A person who is this way can also appear under confident and weak leaving themselves open to depression and similar ailments while a person who is too hard/yang can appear overly aggressive, egotistical and can verge on the edge of paranoia! The whole idea of the yin/yang principle is to know when to change from one to the other because if you stay overly yin you can easily go into ‘victim’ mode while overly yang can appear the exact opposite – uncontrollable violence.
Many who first come to the studio are already yin in their nature believing that they have to become more soft for them to become balanced – nothing could be further from the truth they need to get nearer to that middle line where they can feel comfortable with themselves – you could say a perfect wuji state which ultimately begins the yin/yang circle. Over the years I have found that Tai Chi and Chi Kung tends to attract yin people who don’t even realise that Tai Chi itself is a very powerful martial art and not just a series of floppy dance like steps. It is felt that to show the yang side of your nature is very wrong – obviously this cannot be true because if we dwelt in a yin world all the time nothing would get done – nothing happens unless something moves!!!
On the other hand Tai Chi and Chi Kung does not attract many Yang people for exactly the opposite reasons – we must be strong – not show weakness – never cry – much better to get in a pre-emptive strike than to understand a situation! I have found when overly yang people come to the studio it is much harder to soften them up than it is to ‘yang’ up a too yin person.
I am glad to say that I haven’t had many aggressive Yang people at the studio but it is good to see the yin person grow in stature and gain confidence as they get nearer to the balanced path.
I am sure there are many out there who would disagree and all I would say to that is try it and see – you many be pleasantly surprised!!!

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