Worthless bit of paper!
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Worthless bit of paper!

I am beginning to wonder if the qualifications for teaching subjects like Chi Kung, Tai Chi or any of the other 'in' alternative therapies are actually worth anything - they seem to be handed out like candy in a sweet shop. I have visited some classes where the teacher has only undergone a weekend course or just finished learning a form and become qualified to teach their subject without having any real 'in depth' knowledge of what they are doing - surely this can't be right.
I have met various teachers of Tai Chi who vehemently deny that it has any martial value at all yet at the same time they do not seem to understand the basic principles and concepts behind the art. The same goes for Chi Kung - I have seen some teachers with such bad posture that it is hardly a good advertisement for their craft. I can only speak of Tai Chi and Chi Kung but the same can probably be said of some other disciplines.
 I am glad to say that this is more than offset by the amount of really good, outstanding teachers that I know but it doesn't take away from the fact that if you send people out who are not really up to scratch then whatever discipline you are teaching gets watered down almost to the point of being worthless! A good teacher needs to be dedicated and always strive, not only to pass on knowledge to students but also keep expanding his/her own knowledge of their art - there is always more to learn.
Going off the subject a little, when I did the knowledge to become a London Cab Driver many years ago I learned more after I started the job than I did in the two and a half years riding around on my moped but I wasn't allowed out on 'the streets' until I could show a really good knowledge of the place I would be working. This is also true about my Tai Chi and Chi Kung practise but I know when I was told I could teach I had received the very best instruction and was more than ready to share my knowledge while at the same time continuing on my own personal journey.
I know that sounds like a bit of a rant - it isn't really, but I am very passionate and sometimes you have to just say what you feel!!!

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