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The Power of Chi Kung

Well, you may have noticed there has been very little activity on my blog page recently with very good reason - Please read on.

Around Christmas 2016 I caught a rather nasty chest infection which rather took me by surprise being such a healthy specimen!!! It got so bad that I went to the doctor for the first time in about 10 years and I made the trip very reluctantly - I was given a course of Antibiotics which again I rather reluctantly took mainly because, if I am honest, I was looking for a bit of a quick fix rather than working my way through things through Chi Kung as I would normally do. Near the end of the course I noticed that I was beginning to get pins and needles in my fingers and toes and then I began to feel very weak in the legs especially at the knees. The situation got worse until I found it almost impossible to walk more than a few steps and then to my horror my legs just gave way every now and then - I had to call the doctor once again who called an ambulance and sent me straight to Colchester General Hospital.
Now, before we go any further I have to say my treatment at the hands of the doctors and nurses was second to none and this is not going to slide into a diatribe against the NHS.
To cut a long story short they could not believe I was on no sort of medication for any other problems - 68years old and fit as a fiddle apart from this latest intruder into my life. I was given blood test, CT scans and various other 'test' and nothing really came up apart from a sodium deficiency in the blood. Over a couple of days the sodium levels built back up but my condition was not getting any better until the Neuro Consultant told, after given me a lumbar puncture, that he thought I had Guillain Barre Syndrome, a particularly nasty virus whereby the immune system turns against itself. Apparently, it can be brought on by Antibiotics and also a simple flu jab. I was told that around 75 percent of people make a complete recovery and there was a treatment that could be given over five days - after that well...
This syndrome can be fatal and I thought there is no way I am going to roll over and just let this virus win - I called upon my 30 years of Chi Kung and Tai Chi training to sort myself out a course of action. I went back over thirty years of notes and had to simplify some exercises at first because my flexibility was rather limited. While in the hospital I was at first reduced to 'shuffling' about with a Zimmer frame until eventually I could manage a few steps with the aid of a stick but I knew I had to get back into training if I was going to show any significant improvement.
So, I was sent home after two and a half weeks in hospital by this time back on the Zimmer frame and 'shuffling' about again.
Everyday, first thing in the morning and last thing at night I would go through one of my routines also adding some acupressure to my treatment. I set myself a date to return to teaching at my studio - Feb 20th 2017. Everyday I found myself getting stronger and stronger and although I still have some pins and needles in my fingers and toes they are slowly getting back to normal. I am totally convinced this change was entirely down to my Chi Kung training and when the hospital physio called to see how things were working out she was amazed that I was now up and about - no stick and getting more flexible by the day - it was obvious that I would not be needing any help from her.
I can honestly say that this illness has reinforced my belief in Chi Kung and I believe, without doubt, that I can help other people who find themselves in a similar predicament. You must have the mind set though. You cannot just expect Chi Kung to do the work - you need belief and intention and believe me miracles happen.
Did I get back to work by the 20th Feb - of course I did!!!!

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andrew on 26 August 2017 01:38
thank you
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