Support Cycle of 5 Element Chi Kung
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Support Cycle of 5 Element Chi Kung

When you come along to the studio I like to work on the theory as well as practical side of Chi Kung - I find that if a student has a basic understanding of the concepts behind the movements they are being taught then the easier it is to visualise what is happening with your energy.
Elemental Chi Kung works on the five element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire). Each of these elements have their own characteristics and feed into each other as a mother would feed her child to bring about balance to our energy system.
The support cycle is Earth supports Metal, Metal supports Water, Water supports Wood, Wood supports Fire and Fire supports Earth. When all of these elements are balanced and supporting each other we have a healthy body, mind and spirit.
Each Element also has a direction, season, emotion, colour, taste and animal (and other characteristics) - The list is long but the good thing is that if you look the chart up on the net it doesn't really vary so you can get a good idea of what is element achieves.
At the studio we work on the support cycle mainly because we are looking to achieve balance - When one element gets out of line then the Control cycle comes into play but a deficiency or lack in one element is not always easy to diagnose so we work on keeping the elements balanced which usually means things even out over a period of time.
We also work on the balance between Yin and Yang and explore the extremes of the elements - Metal and Water being the Yin elements and Wood and Fire being the Yang elements - Earth is central and  helps balance the extremes.
Chi Kung is a fascinating journey into ourselves and like Tai Chi there are many styles but all look towards the same outcome - a balance between Mind, Body and Spirit.

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