Wu Ji (Stillness)
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Wu Ji (Stillness)

We start each session of Chi Kung with the exercise of Wu Ji – this is literally stillness or emptiness – clearing the mind and getting in touch with our bodies before we start moving bringing into being the opposites of Yin and Yang.

 The easy way to find Wu Ji is to stand, feet shoulder width apart and parallel, weight evenly distributed. Stand upright, as if you are a soldier standing to attention – Chest out, shoulders back and stomach in (the exact opposite of Wu Ji!!!)

 From here release a sigh while at the same time releasing all tension in your body, but keep the spine straight – do no slump. This drops you into perfect Wu Ji.

 For a more detailed explanation please read on.

 Wu Ji.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and parallel.

Be aware of the feet being completely on the ground with the majority of weight going through the Kidney 1 spot. Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed over both feet – do not favour one side or the other or compensate for any aches or pains you may have.

 Relax the calf and thigh muscles while at the same time releasing the knees.

Allow you tailbone (Coccyx) to drop so that the base of your spine points to the floor (without tension) and pull back the chin so that your head feels it is being suspended from above – you should now feel a slight stretch in the spine as well as feeling a strong connection to the ground through you perineum and kidney 1 spots.

 Release any tension in your abdomen – slightly sink the chest and relax the shoulders – this will allow your breath to sink and make abdominal breathing easier.

Let the head settle on the shoulders – the spine needs to be upright and in line and you should not be leaning back or forward.

 Once you feel relaxed take your muscles out of the equation and feel your body as more skeletal and feel the sensations as your body starts to align itself naturally. This is a very enjoyable experience especially if you have never encountered the feeling before.

 Hold Wu Ji for at least 5 minutes and then slowly walk around and note any further sensations you may find.

 Once you know how to drop into Wu Ji easily it can be used at anytime in stressful situations – try it and see – what have you got to lose!

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