The Three Treasures!
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The Three Treasures!

Yesterday. during our really constructive workshop we touched upon the Three Treasures (Jing, Chi and Shen) which is a complete workshop in itself - maybe next one!!! However, meantime I found this little piece that I put out quite a while ago and it tries to explain what they are - a bit of a ramble I'm afraid but here it is.

The three treasures are – Jing, Chi and Shen

Jing or essence is most closely related to our physical bodies and stored in the kidneys (also according to Taoist philosophy it is stored in the lower Dan Tien)

Chi can be said to be our life force and controls our movements and is closely related to the liver and spleen organ systems. Once again according to Taoist philosophy chi is said to be stored in the middle Dan Tien.

Shen (Spirit) – is the essence that shines through when Jing and Chi are strong – the Shen is related to the heart and Taoist philosophy say it is stored in the higher Dan Tien.

A Story on the Three Treasures.

Just a bit of useless information here!!! I once read that you could equate the three treasures to a candle – Jing would be the basic essence of the candle – that being the wax and the wick. Chi would be the actual flame of the candle whereas Shen would be the radiance around the flame – the better the basics of the candle then the flame and the radiance around it will flourish!!!!

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